Ease application and prime surfaces for

any last step product.

Graphene Leveling Reflection PNG.png



Ease Last Stage Product Application

Primes Surfaces

All Surface Use

Easy to Use

Smooth Surfaces

Spreads Easy

Fuss-Free Application

Solvent Based

Rectify Application Issues

Available sizes:

50ml / 1.7 fl oz.

Full product guide with technical information can be found here.


Reflective Shine

Extremely Sleek

Specially crafted to help ease and rectify application of Nano Graphene Coating but can be used for almost every last step product, solvent-based or water based. Waxes and coatings spread much easier when Graphene Leveling is used for priming, helping you save time and effort.

Formulated with reduced Graphene Oxide and polymers for maximum compatibility with Nano Graphene Coatings and more. Helps resolve application issues by dissolving recently applied (less than 1 hour) products like coatings, allowing further spreading and buffing.